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Facilitated Harvest International School to implement blended learning model


In a flipped classroom, students explore concepts and review instructional materials at home so they are better prepared to engage in collaborative and hands-on work during class time.

EdSense has supported Harvest International, a Bangalore based school to implement blended learning and integrated content, through it's platform.


  • 1 physical classroom
  • 1 online learning environment
  • 1 dedicated teacher
  • 1 smart device accessible to each student outside of the classroom


  • Prepare content or save time by using pre-made content from your EdSense library, or external educational sites.
  • Assemble all appropriate introductory content together into an assignment and assign it to students with a few clicks
  • Include videos & interactive presentations to better engage the student and grab attention
  • Include an assessment at the end of the content to assess their understanding on the topic
  • Ask students to do more than just watch content. Encourage students to reflect on their learning.
  • Next day, ask questions about the materials that everyone can then discuss.
  • By accessing a report on who has submitted the assessments, you can track that a student has actually viewed the materials you assigned as homework.


One-on-one time with students is up four times over years past

One-on-one time with students is up four times over years past, test scores are up and our students are more engaged. We are “flipped out” over our fabulous results and are extremely committed to ensure that all of our students and their families get the very best we have to offer.

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